Introducing the simple & fast & powerful Ghost theme: Alarm



The theme is completely customizable now by using Grunt, check it out!

Ever since I migrate my blog from Wordpress to Ghost, there is one thing bothers me all the time: the theme. Yeah I heard you, Ghost is a blogging platform, we should focus on what we write, blah blah blah. So, we should not care about how it looks anymore? Are you listening to your self!

Anyway, I build this simple but powerful Ghost theme Alarm to suit my need, if to any extend it attracts you I might be happy.

//let's mess up with some code
var code = {
high: true
//neat, huh?
//Try click on the table of content area on the left


  • Super simple and super fast, less than 20KB to load the index page
  • Powerful add-ons like Disqus comment, Google Analytics, Syntax Highlighting, Table of content are ready to use and customizable, which means you can easily ditch it if you’re not cool with it
  • Fully responsive, works like a charm in any mobile platform
  • Legacy browser support, yeah I mean IE8
  • Google search integrated
  • Remember, with all these awesome features, Alarm is small & simple & fast
  • Static pages in nav menu support, automatically! Try click the nav menu on this page and play around

##I want it

Head over my Github repo to download this theme. Then customize for you own need, like:

  • Change Disqus and Google Analytics code, which locates in alarm/partials
  • Modify the nav menu(if you change the amount of menu items, remember change the corresponding stylesheet or you will get a messed up nav menu in mobile platform)


  • Better SEO support
  • Name whatever you want and whatever I can do